1. I’m 31 years of age
  2. I’m a Northerner from Southport, Merseyside
  3. I’ve lived in South East London for 5 years
  4. Currently living in our doer upper home
  5. I’m an only child
  6. I’ve worked in the beauty industry for 14 years
  7. My first brand was Clinique working in Boots Southport
  8. I left school at 17
  9. I never went to University
  10. I’m left handed
  11. I’m a Pisces
  12. I’m 5 foot 8
  13. I’m addicted to cheese! ANY KIND!
  14. Salt And Vinegar Crisps are my fave. Co-op own brand top all others!
  15. Spain is my happy place
  16. I’m not Spanish, from what I know I am full English
  17. I am the only person in my family without a proper Scouse accent
  18. The Liverpool accent is my fave and instantly makes me feel at home
  19. I’m a dog Mum to our little (big) Ray
  20. I’m engaged
  21. We met in 2012. Bijou Nightclub in Manchester at 2am.
  22. We were both born on the 8th of the month.
  23. We met on the 8th April… spooky!
  24. 8 is my lucky number
  25. I love a G&T. No fancy flavours just original with tonic and lots of ice
  26. My favourite cocktail is an Aperol Spritz
  27. I’m addicted to Ice Cream. Pralines and Cream is life
  28. I’m the clumsiest person you probably know
  29. My first job was an extra on Hollyoaks working in the juice bar
  30. I burn way too many candles
  31. I am travel obsessed! “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”.

Tell me a fun fact about you? Share below!

Ashley x


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