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We went for the Mamas and Papas Ocarro in all black! Ideal for off road areas which was a must with having a dog! Also has a one hand fold so super easy to close. It’s not the lightest but I love how sturdy it feels and would much rather have a pram with some weight that has chunkier wheels for everyday use in the parks with the dog.

Car Seat

We went for the Cybex Cloud Z. Long car journeys are something we do on the regular with being from up north. I researched a lot with car seats and found this one had the best reviews for safety and long distance use. Newborns are only meant to stay in the car seat for 1 hour and half at the beginning so having a seat with the lie flat option was essential for us. It also clips onto our Ocarro so if Issac was sleeping we could simply attach the adaptors to our pram and didn’t have to disturb. The Cloud Z clips onto an Isofix base and lasts until around 12-18months until you need to purchase the larger seat.

Travel Seat Adaptors

These don’t always come with the pram or car seat but can be purchased online so your car seat will clip onto your pram base. These are the ones we got for the Ocarro/Cybex Cloud.

Bedside Crib

We bought this Snuzpod. Ratings and recommendations from you all Snuzpod and the Chicco Next to me were most popular. The Next to me is slightly bigger so potentially more practical but our bedroom isn’t that large so the snuzpod was a better choice for us.

Baby Carrier

I tried a few. My most used being the Artipoppe. It is expensive but I definitely got my wear out of it and still use it now at 7 months. Just be mindful if you are having a Summer baby as the material is thick so is too warm to use on hotter days. A more lightweight option that I also liked was the Ergo baby which was more breathable for summer. Lastly the material slings. I bought a Free Rider and loved it for around the house. Probably my least used now but most used for a newborn. Ideal for getting stuff done whilst they have a little doze on you.


I used Premium Aldi ones and loved them.


Started with Water Wipes and then tried Aldi Extra Sensitive which are virtually the same. I have to get the Extra Sensitive though the Sensitive ones alone I didn’t like.

Nappy Caddy

I bought 2 felt nappy caddies from Amazon. One I kept in the lounge and one I kept in our bedroom. Added nappies, wipes, spare vest and sleep suit and anything else you may be using daily. Ideal for everyday use and not having to keep moving things up and down to change them.

Changing Mat

I also bought 2. One for downstairs one for upstairs next to the caddies. I had one flat one and one with curved edges. I much preferred this one.

Vitamin D Drops

Not needed if formula feeding as Vitamin D is already in formula but for all mums breast-feeding it is recommended to supplement your baby with Vitamin D drops. You can apply straight into mouth, your nipple pre feed or into bottle if expressed.

Muslins (Large and Small)

Favourite muslins being Aden and Anais Silky Soft range. Come in so handy on the daily!

Baby Vests

I had Issac in Spring so lots of short sleeved ones to go under his sleep suits some nights and then long sleeved ones to wear to bed alone with a sleep bag on top.

HM and Simple Joys being my favourite that wash really well.

Socks and Mitts

Something I didn’t buy originally as I bought sleep suits with mitts and feet built in. However I ended up needing them as his arms were too long for the sleep suit mitts and feet too big for some sleep suits.

HM do nice socks and John Lewis for basics like mitts.

Zip up Sleep Suits

Issac lived in sleep suits! Get zip up if you can! The buttons are not ideal for a 3am change when you are half asleep. Also the 2 way zips are great as you only have to open the bottom of the sleep suit so during those nighttime changes it doesn’t disturb as much.

My favourite being from Next, Mori, HM or Lindex.


Time of year dependant. Issac was born end of March and I used his snowsuit up until May as it was quite a cool spring in the UK. Mainly when he was in the carrier he wore it not so much the pram.

Sleep Bag

Issac went from being swaddled in his blanket to a sleep bag at about 2 months. I bought a few 0-6 month ones however I wish I would have just bought one and gone straight for 6-18 months in the others as I now have a few sleep bags he grew out of so quickly and when they are a looser fit they are much more comfortable.

The White Company ones are lovely!


Hooded towels are ideal for keeping them cosy straight out the bath. I don’t like the Aden and Anais towels! Really lightweight so I wouldn’t recommend you want something thicker. A friend bought me this one from My First Years personalised and it is great! A lovely gift idea also.

Face Cloths

Lots of face cloths for bathing. I got packs of them from Ikea and they are ideal. Go for white so you can throw them in with the million white baby washes you do a day.

Baby Bath

Angel Care 0-6 month baby bath we loved. Ideal to just place the bath seat in your bath rather than a separate one. Get yourself a stool for next to the bath for your back! I picked a cheap one up from Ikea to keep in the bathroom for bath time.


LOVED!! He used his Dockatot everyday from birth until 7 months! He’s just about out of it now and he is a big baby.


Go for Muslin ones. The Aden and Anais ones I love. My favourite brand for Muslins and bibs. They also do the burping bibs that are brilliant from newborn for your shoulder when burping and then as capes around them when a little older for maximum dribble/sick up protection. A must for reflux babies.

Disco Light

He started baby sensory around 2 months old and he loved the lights they used so I got us this one to use at home. I would put it on for him in his room of a night time whilst I ran the bath and it really kept him occupied. He still loves it now.

Bath Thermometer

For us first time mums! Throw in the bath with the bath seat and it measures the temperature of the water. For babies they say 37 degrees is the ideal temperature. We had the Tommy Tippee one which was great and flashes red when water is too hot.

Ear Themometer

An easy way to take their temperature without disturbing too much. I took his temperature so many times in those first few months especially during the days after their injections.

Night Light

I went for this one from Amazon and love it!! It has 3 different strengths, comes on when you touch and has the time glowing so during those night feeds you can have an idea of the time if you don’t have your phone to hand. Also works as an alarm clock if needed.

Cot Sheets

A bottom sheet for the bedside crib! If you have a reflux baby like mine you will need a few. Issac went through a stage of being sick when put on his back after a night feed. I started using the larger muslins on top of his sheet at the top of his matress so if he was sick a couple of times over the night I could just change the muslin rather than the whole sheet.

Dummies (Self Sterlising)

We opted for the MAM dummies. I did buy a steriliser but to be honest we hardly used it as Issac was exclusively breast feeding. The MAM dummies come in a sterilising case that you can add a little water to and pop in the microwave for 3 minutes.


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