With a little break away hand luggage always feels like a great idea, until the time comes to pack your cosmetics!! As I’m sure you fellow beauty junkies will agree, streamlining your products into necessities under 100ml is quite a daunting process.





Below I am sharing my ‘Hand Luggage Friendly’ Beauty Essentials to make your weekend away packing a little easier…



Miniature Soothing Cleansing Oil


The perfect cleanser for on the go. Deep cleaning, absorbing all impurities that our skin collects throughout the day. Removes everything in one go so no need to pack eye makeup remover.

I used to decant my full size cleansing oil into a smaller bottle, but I learnt oils don’t travel the best when not in their original packaging as they tend to leak (I’ve learnt the hard way!).

Keep you eyes peeled for Bobbi Brown miniatures that are sometimes at the till point in stores, they come with the original pump on top of the bottle making it leak proof and easy to use. I have had mine for a couple of years now and just keep refilling from my full size oil.




Hydrating Eye Cream and Lip Balm


Flights and warmer climates lead to our skin feeling tighter and more dehydrated than usual.

The eye area and lips can suffer the most, and are also the most neglected when it comes to moisturising. I’m sure none of us leave without packing face cream for a weekend away right?! But Eye Cream and Lip Balm? I don’t think they come travelling with us as often as they should. These 2 hero products can make the biggest difference to how your skin feels during a flight, but also after a day in the sunshine.

Opt for a water based eye cream to combat dehydration and a lip balm that contains SPF. keep this dreamy duo in your handbag for a mid flight pamper.




SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen for Face


This is a new product by Clinique that I have been loving… 100% Mineral Sunscreen! It works perfectly if (like me) you are someone that reacts to higher factors of SPF or you just don’t like the texture. I find the majority of SPF 50 feel heavy on my skin,  but this one is super lightweight and blends into an invisible fluid making it wearable underneath makeup and super easy to reapply on the go.

As I’m getting older, I am starting to notice areas of pigmentation on my face, so I have stepped up my SPF game to an SPF 50. My skin tone now stays a lot more even whilst still catching a golden glow.




Hydrating Face Mist and Tonic


I don’t think I have travelled without a Face Mist to hand since it launched?! There is no better feeling than a spritz of this mist during a flight or after a day in the sun (keep it in the fridge when you are away to make it extra refreshing!!).

It contains Chamomile and Cucumber to soothe and Green Tea to protect – It also smells just as good as it sounds!

TIP: As those of you that know me know I am addicted to Hydrating Face Tonic, but being 200ml it is unable to travel in my hand luggage. I reuse an empty Face Mist spray bottle to create a travel friendly tonic




Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Hair Care


I am a little obsessed with the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, and not just because it smells like you want to eat it!!

The formula is a blend of 6 lightweight essential oils to soften, de frizz, de tangle and protect our hair without feeling greasy – giving you that ‘Just visited the salon’ feel.

The range is also Sulphate Free meaning less harsh chemicals on your scalp, your colour will last longer and your hair texture will feel healthier.

I love to treat myself to a nice shampoo and conditioner when going away as my hair isn’t something I pay much attention to when working. “Brushes eyebrows, doesn’t brush hair” is definitely me most work days.




Extra Repair Face Cream and Face Oil


My Everyday moisturiser comes with me, which is currently the Extra Repair Moisture Cream. I resist from bringing any of my Serums or Night Creams just keeping it simple with my Face Oil. I layer this with my moisturiser before bed to ensure my skin is getting enough nutrients whilst I sleep. (More about Face Oil on my previous post about winter skin essentials click here).







I hope this helps you to streamline your beauty essentials in the future…



Ashley x


  1. Mary-Ann
    1st February 2017 / 8:54 am

    Love allot these products, fab blog! X

  2. Ruth
    1st February 2017 / 10:49 pm

    Love love love!! I need some valentines gift ideas for men (and maybe gifts for me ….because you know, why not!) please do a blog on that!! X

  3. Elle
    15th October 2017 / 6:23 pm

    Hi Ashley
    I really like your blog especially the photos you use . I am looking to start a travel and lifestyle blog. Did you get someone to set this up for you? I can see you have a pipdig theme.
    Any guidance much appreciated!! Xx

  4. ashley
    16th October 2017 / 11:32 am

    Hi Elle,

    Thank you so much! You should definitely set your own one up. I created my blog myself by starting a Word press account. There are lots of YouTube videos on how to do it that I researched into. Once set up on Word press I then downloaded a theme from Pipdig, their page themes are great with lots of variety. Hope this helps!! xx

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