Dark Circles – That one area of the face that instantly reveals our lack of sleep or one too many cocktails from the night before!

Once you master how to correct your under eye area, the rest of your makeup looks so much brighter, and you will find you will need a lot less of everything else.

Here I take you through 4 steps to brighter looking under eyes. I don’t personally use all 4 steps everyday (you know I’m a lover of simple makeup!!) but I alternate as and when depending on what I feel my skin needs. My most used combination being eye cream and concealer.



First things first – Hydration! Dehydrated skin looks dull and lack lustre, especially around the eye area, so an eye cream is key.

‘Can I just use my face cream under my eyes?’ I get asked a lot. The skin around the eye area is 50% thinner than the skin on the rest of the face so face cream just isn’t going to cut it. As well as it being too rich for the under eye area (in some cases causing puffiness), it sits on the surface of the skin causing any makeup you apply on top to wear off quickly.

An eye cream is created to work specifically on this area, hydrating, and prepping the eye area for makeup.

I use a Hydrating Eye Cream for the everyday, but if you are super dry and want to really nourish the eye area, opt for an Eye Repair Balm. This can also be used as an under eye treatment a couple of evenings a week.



This step I don’t use everyday, but after an early start or a late night, creamy corrector is a must have! If you are applying concealer but still finding your dark circles are creeping through, this step is for you.

Corrector is the texture of a concealer but in a pink or peach tone instead of skin tone correct to counteract discolouration. You then need a light layer of concealer on top to bring it back to skin tone. Think 70% corrector 30% concealer.

Look at your under eye area. If your darkness is purple/blue toned you need a bisque corrector, if you see more brown/green toned you need a peach corrector.  When applied, corrector should look uncomfortably bright, so it is able to shine through your concealer for maximum brightness.


A daily essential! Concealer can be applied alone, or on top of corrector, and should be one to two tones lighter than your foundation shade.

The key to concealer is less is more! Only apply where you need it and avoid applying too much to the outer corner of your eyes as this area is prone to creasing.



Do you find your mascara wears off under your eyes? Concealer isn’t lasting throughout the day? This is usually due to the eye area not being set with a powder. Under eye concealers are always made with a creamier consistency than any other concealer, so if we don’t set them, they can attract other products to settle there.

Applying a light dusting of powder across the under eye area right up to the lash line. This will seal the product into the skin allowing it to last longer and cause a lot less drop down.


What are your beauty tricks for a brighter under eye?

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