Eyebrows… one of the most important areas of the face to enhance! They have the power to make or break any makeup look.

I am sharing 3 steps to perfect your brow game.

Should you be tweezing, threading or waxing?

Using pencil, powder or gel?

Find the right “Shape, Shade and Set” brow routine for you…


Step 1: Shape



Tweeze, Thread or Wax?


Tweeze – If you have sensitive skin, fine hairs or minimal hair growth, tweezing is definitely for you. This is the gentlest option when it comes to keeping your brows in shape. Also great for on the go to remove those random unwanted hairs that pop up out of nowhere.


Thread – Threading is great if you have naturally fuller brows or just want precise shape and definition . The threading technique is designed to remove rows of hair at once rather than individually offering a cleaner finish. I find this gives the best result on my brows and is my preferred option, although to be avoided if you have a low pain threshold, as it is the most painful out of the 3.


Wax – I would recommend waxing for the lucky ones that were blessed with those power brows naturally!! It is less painful than threading, as the wax covers a larger area of skin, therefore removes a lot more hairs in one go. Always opt for hot wax and not strip wax. Strip wax can damage your skin and slacken the eye area over time due to the tugging motion, were as hot wax only adheres to the hairs.

For you makeup lovers out there, Bobbi Brown offers a £17 redeemable brow service. Your brows are professionally shaped on counter by a brow specialist (using tweezers or thread) and then you can redeem your £17 on any products. Perfect brows (technically for free!!), and new product to take home, win win.


Step 2: Shade


Pencil, Powder or Gel?

Pencil – Brow pencil is most women’s go to brow product! A pencil works well for someone with sparse brows that needs definition, or someone that wants a bold looking brow. Choose a powder based pencil for sparse brows, this will create hair like strokes adding strength in a natural way. If you are wanting a stronger brow opt for a wax based pencil which creates a bolder finish.

Powder – The brow product that can create any finish! Brow powder is by far my favourite product to use (I use Saddle eye shadow). Powder works well with any shape or strength of brow. You can apply lightly into sparse areas for a natural brow shape, or apply through the full length of the brow for a bolder look. Mixing up the brush you use can also enhance or soften the finish of your brows. For the ultimate bold brow use a defined brow brush or if you prefer a softer brow go for a bristle brow brush.

Gel – The ‘Tinted Moisturiser” of the Brow World! Eyebrow Gel adds light definition to a fuller brow. A good option for someone wanting to add a hint of colour and shape to their already full brows without looking too much (not a great option for thinner brows). Use a double ended brow brush to apply. Start with ‘the spoolie’ comb to brush your brow hairs into place then use the alternative end to apply the gel.

TIP: However you decide to add colour to your brows, always start from the arch of your brow rather than the front. This creates a more lifted brow look, and helps to avoid applying too much product through the front of your brow.


Step 3: Set



This step I have only introduced into my brow routine over the past couple of months, and it has definitely made it into my favourites! As you know, I am a lover of a quick and easy routine, never would I have used 2 products through my brows before, until I tried the waterproof brow shaper. If you are thinking of upping your brow game, the brow shaper is definitely for you.

Think of it like a hairspray for your brows. It smooth’s your brow hairs over holding everything in place!

I personally use the clear brow shaper, but they do come in different shades if you want to deepen the colour of your brow hairs. This is a must have for those of you that tint your brows as you can use it as a colour top up in between tints.






What are your Brow Favourite??…


Photography: @chloejadestory




  1. Melissa Hayes
    28th August 2017 / 12:57 am

    Great post! I love your blog, I learn something new every time.

  2. ashley
    1st September 2017 / 2:50 pm

    Thank you so much!! x

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