I am a huge believer in skin first, makeup second!


A good morning skincare routine not only provides healthy benefits for your skin, but makes your makeup look SO much better too! Your makeup can only look as good as the skin underneath.


Here I am taking you through my current morning skincare routine making sure I get the best results out of my makeup…






I don’t cleanse my skin in the morning, which is strange for a skincare addict I know! I love to double cleanse of an evening, but I find cleansing AM/PM too much for my skin.


I love to use a refreshing tonic on cotton pads to start the day. Depending on how my skin is feeling I will use either Hydrating Face Tonic (to refresh) or Extra Treatment Lotion (for extra hydration).



I use a targeted treatment before my moisturiser. I find a serum and a moisturiser before makeup too much together, but I love to use something called a Remedy. A Remedy is a concentrated treatment for your skin, designed to be instantly absorbed into your skin and treat your area of concern (apply 2-3 drops before moisturiser.)

I am currently using Moisture Solutions Remedy which is designed to hydrate a thirsty, dehydrated skin. I love using this under my eyes also to plump out any dehydration lines.

For your concern try one of these:

Oil Control/Pores/Blemishes – Skin Clarifier 

Firming/Plumping – Skin Fortifier 

Redness/Sensitivity – Skin Relief 

Skin Brightening Remedy coming soon…






I like to keep it simple and use the Hydrating Face Cream and Hydrating Eye Cream.

Packed with Vitamin C and E, but minimal ingredients in total compared to some of the moisturisers on the market at the moment. I find the more technology and fancy ingredients my moisturiser contains, the more my skin breaks out?!

Be sure to ALWAYS use an eye cream. Its the first place we age, and the skin is 50% thinner there than the rest of the face. The eye area is also definitely one of those areas we tend to neglect, but once you get into a routine with it, you can’t imagine being without it.


Finish with a layer of lip balm on your lips.





Illuminating Moisture Balm, my dream cream! What did I do before using this?!

Use 1-2 pumps of this on your skin across the areas you want to glow through your makeup. I like to create glow on my skin before makeup, rather than add it afterwards.

Illuminating balm is the ultimate product for this (click here for more ways to use it)






They are my current 5 steps to prep my skin before makeup!

What are your favourite products to use?



Ashley x







  1. Charlotte Bascombe
    14th January 2018 / 1:03 pm

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for sharing this. I use the hydrating face tonic, extra repair serum and hydrating eye cream in tge mornings. (Sometimes I substitute the serum for a bit of moisturiser depending how my skin feels.)

    When you say you double cleanse in the evening, do you use the cleansing oil? Does this get rid of makeup too?

    I’m just starting my skin care routine with Bobbi so so finding my feet with which products to use!


  2. ashley
    14th January 2018 / 4:38 pm

    Hi Charlotte! Extra Repair Serum is a great choice. Love how you can use it alone or with a moisturiser. Yes, Cleansing Oil is great at removing makeup as it takes everything off, even eye makeup! I use this first then follow up with a face wash or Micellar Water. I will share an evening routine soon x

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