There is no makeup look I love more than a statement lip, especially a red.

I meet so many different women that are constantly on the hunt for that ONE red lipstick they feel comfortable in. Sound familiar? Then I hope this will help you find your one…


Whether it be texture, colour or coverage, I have got it covered below.



First things first…


Prep and Prime


Who else forgets to exfoliate and moisturise their lips?! Exfoliating and moisturising my face is something I love to do and literally never skip out, my lips however tend to get forgotten about.


Exfoliating your lips not only removes dead skin cells making them smoother, it also increases circulation which makes your lips look fuller (never forgets to exfoliate lips again!).


I like to mix Buffing Grains into Lip Balm to create my own lip scrub. Massage for 2 minutes then wipe off. Its best to do this of an evening before bed as you don’t want to add too much product before lipstick application as this can jeopardise the staying power of your lipstick.


DIY: You can also create your own lip scrub by mixing brown sugar with a little olive oil and scrub away.


Choose a red that works with your skin tone




Orange Toned Red 

Best For: Olive or golden skin tones. I can’t get enough of this tone during the warmer months throughout summer.

Avoid: If you are someone with a fairer skin tone.

Try: ‘Flame’ Luxe Lip Colour


Cool (blue toned) Red

(The one that makes your teeth look whiter!)

Best For: Anyone! Great for a fairer skin tone, also the go to shade for a red carpet look, the most glamorous out of the reds.

Try: ‘Harlow Red’ Art Stick’



Rich Crimson Red

Best for: A richer deeper skin tone, or for that dramatic vampy lip look. Ensure you swatch the lipstick over your lip colour first to see how it reacts with your natural lip tone.

Try: ‘Your Majesty’ Luxe Lip Colour


When to be cautious of red?

If you have a lot of redness in your skin, you may find wearing a red lipstick enhances your high colouring. If this is the case, you can still wear a red lip, just try using a fuller coverage foundation to even out your skin tone. Opt for a yellow based foundation that will help counteract high colouring in the most natural way.



Select the formula that most suits you


Gloss/Balm texture – For the sheerest red. Low maintenance, and a great option for someone wanting a red tint without committing to a bold red. If you suffer with dry or flaky lips, a great option to go for!



Matte finish – My go to formula in any lipstick! Super long wearing with the most intense colour pigment. Perfect if you want a bold lip colour that stays put for a good few hours. Saying this, when it starts to wear off it is noticeable so you need to be wary of reapplying.



TIP: For longevity with your lipstick apply a lip pencil prior to lipstick application in a similar shade. Use this to not only outline your lips, but also colour in your lips. This will give you a base colour so when your lipstick wears off you still have a hint of colour underneath.



The best way to apply 


I personally apply from the bullet 9 times out of 10, but if I’m going to an event for the best results I opt for a Lip Brush!  Its not always the most convenient, but definitely the most effective. Using a lip brush allows you to layer your chosen shade lightly, rather than a strong swipe from the lipstick. Think of it similarly to a red nail polish – one strong coat would look great to  begin with, but wouldn’t last, where as a couple of lighter coats will give the same colour intensity whilst lasting a lot longer.





I hope you have discovered a red lip trick or two….


Ashley x




  1. Clare
    27th November 2018 / 5:04 pm

    Looking for a red lipstick…slightly yellow teeth,brown eyes&silver hair…oh and I am 54yrs.

  2. ashley
    30th November 2018 / 9:18 am

    Hi Clare, Blue toned reds work great at making your teeth look whiter and look gorgeous with silver hair. Definitely opt for a cool toned red. I love Harlow Red Art Stick x

  3. 17th August 2022 / 10:13 am

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