Since moving to London 4 years ago I have been trying to master my very own quick and easy bouncy hair routine. Coming from Merseyside, I am a big lover of blow dries, but the London prices for a bouncy blow make it more of an occasional treat rather than a weekly one! I am quite lazy when it comes to hair and by no means an expert, but wanted to share the tools I use at home, along with the quick steps video to create your own bouncy waves.

Parlux Hair Dryer

I never used to bother with a good hair dryer but since using this one over the past few years I can’t go anywhere with it! My hairdresser used it on me at the time and I notice still now the majority of hairdressers I visit around London also use this one. It has 3 different heat settings and 3 different speeds (as most hair driers nowadays) but their is something about this one that gives a much sleeker finish to my hair. A great investment!

T3 Haircare Curling Iron

Curling Irons I have never liked. I found they made your hair look too ‘done’ (I much preferred a natural finish) and always got the fear that I would overheat a section and my hair would come out with the wand like that poor girl on YouTube..! That was until I found this one. Firstly it has a micro chip that constantly measures and maintains the temperature so it doesn’t expose your hair to unnecessary heat. The ceramic barrel seals your hairs cuticles to lock the moisture in and avoid the frizziness that my locks are prone to. There are also 5 heat settings and an auto off after 1 hour (great for those of us that tend to run out the house and have the ‘did I turn it off’ panic).

Velcro Rollers

I don’t go anywhere without at least 3 in my suitcase! The quickest way to add body to your hair when blow drying or even between washes to add some body. I opt for the larger ones as use them on the top of my head for volume rather than curl.

A Natural Bristle Round Brush

A round brush is key to creating bouncy hair. My hair loves the Boar Bristle brushes with wooden handle best as they create a much smoother finish for me. I avoid the metal round brushes as they make my hair static and it doesn’t create the same finish. Mine is about 6 years old and I can’t find it online but have linked a similar one here.


Paddle Brush

This is my go to brush for before I wash my hair, post wash, whilst drying, top knots, ponies, and everything in between! Not so needed if you have shorter hair, but for those of us with longer locks, this is a must have.

These 2 brushes are the only 2 I use and can create any hair look with them.

Click here to watch my quick bouncy blow-dry routine


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