Happy National Lipstick Day!!

Lipstick is that one product that instantly brightens my mood!

If I am short on time and wearing minimal makeup (90% of the time!!), one swipe of a bright lip and it pulls everything together.

I am one of those people that carry several lipsticks around in my handbag (just incase!) but I have narrowed it down to my top 5 favourites this summer…


WARNING: I’m a lover of a super bright lip, feel free to mix any of the below into a lip balm for a sheerer finish or use your finger to blot the colour on for a soft impact. OR go straight onto the lips from the applicator as I do for the ultimate summer bold lip!



‘Parisian Red’ Luxe Lip (wearing in image)

The must have summer red lipstick.

Luxe lip is a deeply conditioning lipstick formula which works wonders if you suffer with drier, flaky lips at this time of year.

You should always avoid super matte lipsticks in the summer as they tend to accentuate texture in the lips when our lips are at their flakiest.





‘Brown’ Original Lip ColourĀ 

I always have one of these lipsticks on the go. ‘Brown’ in the original lip colour formula is the ultimate nude. This was one of the first 10 lipsticks created by Bobbi Brown when she started her range 26 years ago, and still one of my every season favourites.

Don’t be fooled by the name ‘Brown’ this isn’t referring to the shade, Bobbi Brown named it after herself as she had created her own perfect nude!






‘Hot Orange’ Art Stick

An Art Stick is a jumbo pencil that acts as a lip liner, lipstick and blush colour all in one.

Hot Orange is a bright electric orange that I use when I have a tan, it is the ultimate holiday shade!

It isn’t a colour I use in the cooler months as it looks much better with a bronzed summer glow, not so great if you have a fairer skin tone.



‘Uber Red’ Liquid lip

My current favourite formula as it stays in place for hours. If I have a busy day in and out of meetings or on a shoot, the liquid lipsticks are my go to formula.

Uber Red (another red of course!!) It’s a vibrant shade that I wear to work a lot to brighten up a neutral outfit.



Cherry’ Liquid Lip

I love a rich plum toned lipstick during the winter months, so when Cherry Liquid Lip launched, I was addicted. Cherry gives me the deep lip tone I love with an added pink summery vibe making it wearable during the summer months.










Ashley x



  1. 13th August 2017 / 10:50 am

    Loved this post, Ashley! I seem to like a lot of the same colours as you. There’s some ones here I’d like to try too… oh dear! x

  2. ashley
    13th August 2017 / 4:50 pm

    Thank you!! You can never have too many lipsticks! haha x

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