If there’s one thing I like to perfect, whether it be my 5 minute work face or evening glam face, it’s my eyeliner. This is the product that can instantly define your look…

But which formula is best suited to you?

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The powder liner

For the no makeup makeup lovers. Powder liners are gorgeous if you’re wanting to add depth to your lash line without looking too made up. No need for a specific eye liner powder, just use a matte eye shadow in a deeper shade than your eye colour and that will do the trick. My personal powder liner favourite is Bobbi Brown’s Mahogany eye shadow . This colour comes everywhere with me, as I don’t only use it along my lash line, but also through my brows (lover of a multi use product!).

To create that perfect powder line its all about the brush you use. Ensure you’re using a specific eyeliner brush made for powder liner application and press into the lashes rather than sweep. For added drama, dampen the bristles of your brush before putting them into the powder and this will give you a more dramatic finish.

The pencil liner

Perfect for someone who struggles with application or is short on time, as the formula is super smooth making it quick to apply, and easy to blend off with a Q tip if you make any mistakes.

A Kajal pencil is great if creating that smokey eye look. Khol is always super blend-able making it easier to use.

Apply a thick line along your top lash line and smudge with your finger, an instant smokey eye look with minimal effort needed.


If you’re someone that likes a more precise line but struggles with liquid and gel liners, opt for a gel based pencil. It is precise enough to give a defined line, but has the ease of a pencil applicator…GENIUS!


Finally a Long wear pencil, the ‘go to’ pencil for someone who wants a water-resistant, zero smudge formula. This I find is the best pencil liner to use in your waterline, being creamy enough to apply to that sensitive area whilst staying put. I am a gel liner addict personally, but always have one of the long wear pencils in my makeup bag. If I am needing to take my look from day to night, this is the liner I turn to.

TIP: If you are most comfortable using a pencil, but want a flick in the outer corners , use 2 formula’s. Stick to your comfort zone to line the lash line with your pencil, then use a liquid or gel to create shape to the outer corner.

The gel liner

The Ultimate eye liner and best selling formula! It has the glide and precision of a liquid liner, but the richer consistency makes it more manageable to apply.

Simply dip your Ultra Fine Liner brush into your gel eyeliner (ensuring both sides of your brush have a generous amount of gel applied) then press into the lash line in short strokes. Gel is not only the best formula for that perfect line, it is my go to formula for anyone wanting to extend their liner into a wedge or flick.

It is slightly more technical than a pencil liner, but I insist everyone who loves eyeliner to have a try, as it is a lot easier than you think. Practice makes perfect, and after a few go’s I know you will love it!

TIP: During your practicing period, keep a powder shadow to hand in a similar colour as your gel liner. Use this to smooth over any lumps and bumps in your line, buffing the powder over the gel with a smokey liner brush. This will give you a diffused liner look instead, but will save you having to remove anything (the last thing you want to be doing when you’re already 5 minutes late!).


The liquid liner

The trickiest formula for most! Personally my least used formula but if you’re wanting an ultra precise line close to the lashes then this could be the formula for you. Opt for a liquid liner with a sponge applicator rather than a brush. This will give extra control over the fluid creating a more precise line.

Be cautious of this formula if you have deeper set eyes or naturally oily eyelids. Liquids can take a little while to dry and can transfer whilst setting. Saying this, once they are on, they are there to stay. Try the Ink Liner for an easy to use liquid with sponge applicator.



I hope you have enjoyed reading, and maybe found yourself a new formula!


Ashley x





  1. Sarah Jo
    12th December 2016 / 12:00 am

    I have the gel liner and brush, some eye shadows that I use, and recently purchased the long-wearing pencil in Scotch, which I reach for every day now! I love that it’s long-wearing and I don’t have to fiddle with a brush.

  2. Amy C
    12th December 2016 / 6:20 am

    Such great tips!! Love it! Xx

  3. ashley
    12th December 2016 / 7:42 am

    Love Scotch such a great shade! x

  4. 12th December 2016 / 4:54 pm

    Ooohhhhhhh love this Ash!!! So many great tips xxxx

  5. Casey Scott
    14th December 2016 / 7:23 am

    Love ❤️

  6. 20th December 2017 / 3:57 pm

    Which is the best liner to use? Liquid or pencil?

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