Consider powder foundation! Scary for some, me being one, as I usually avoid powder! But for the hotter days when your makeup just won’t last powder foundation can work wonders! Ensure your skin is hydrated – prep with skincare when you wake up and give it a little time to settle into the skin before application. Then dust all over to control any unwanted shine whilst adding coverage. It can look a little matte at first but give it half an hour to melt into your skin it gives the perfect second skin finish that lasts a lot longer than any liquids do in the heat. 

Opt for a peachy highlighting powder. Highlighters are a must have when it comes to summer skin! To simplify your routine and minimise your makeup bag opt for a peach toned highlighter which can be used as highlight, blush and eye shadow all in one! A dusting of the same highlighter in all three places gives the ultimate sunkissed glow! 

The power of a bronzing tint – for those summer skin days that you don’t want to wear makeup add a couple of drops of bronzing gel into your moisturiser. This will give you that holiday glow without having to wear makeup. 

Choose your lipstick formula wisely – balmy finish lipsticks are ideal for summer! Not only are they the best choice for multi using as an on the go blusher, they are the best at disguising dry/dehydrated lips which we are all prone to during the summer months. Even better… find yourself one with an SPF. 

A makeup setting spray with SPF. We are told to reapply our SPF every couple of hours… but with a full face of makeup on it’s impossible to use your usual cream SPF with disrupting your look. Get yourself a makeup setting spray with SPF 50! This will set your makeup, protect with SPF50 and go in your handbag for on the go reapplication throughout the day! Genius!


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