With Valentines day falling on a Tuesday this year, I thought it was the perfect time to do an ‘after work’ glam it up look in a few easy steps!

Whether you are celebrating with your loved one or having a night with the girls, I have selected 5 handbag heroes that can easily glam up your look without having to start a fresh…


Here’s what you will need to pack.



1 – Under Eye Concealer

The first thing I reapply when going out from work. I feel this instantly makes me look brighter and fresher faced however hectic my day has been.

TIP: Our eye area is one of the driest parts on our face, so makeup doesn’t tend to last as long in this area. Although I would always reapply concealer anyway, using a lightweight eye cream in the morning to hydrate the eye area first will make your concealer last longer than usual throughout the day.

I LOVE: Creamy Concealer in Beige



2 – Eye Liner

If I know I am going out after work I apply minimal liner in the morning so I can apply a bold liner that evening onto a fresh eye.

Eye liner can instantly glam up your look! I like to use a gel based liner as you can apply it quickly and it can be worn bold or blended giving you options.

Applying your liner in a rush at your desk and struggling to get that line right? Just smudge the edge of the liner with your finger and create a smokey finish.

I LOVE: Black Ink Gel Liner


3 – Volumizing Mascara

There is nothing worst than applying a volumizing mascara in the morning, then trying to reapply it at 5pm before heading out. This is going to create clumpy, dry looking lashes which is definitely not the look we want to go for.

Ensure you use a lightweight mascara (staying clear of waterproof) in the morning, which will allow you to layer a volumizing mascara that evening just as easily as it would be applying onto fresh lashes, but creating an even better effect.

I LOVE: Everything Mascara in the morning, followed by Eye Opening Mascara in the evening.



4 – Shimmer Brick

Use on your cheeks as a 2 in 1 highlight and blusher, using the lighter tones along the top of your cheekbones and the warmer tones as a blush on the apple of your cheeks.

As you know, I am a lover of all things multi use, this can also be used on the eyes as a brightening eyeshadow.

I LOVE: Rose or Bronze. Rose is perfect for a fresher looking makeup when our skin is fairer during these colder months, but you can’t beat a bronze shimmer brick in the summer!



5 – Bold Lipstick

The ultimate ‘Desk to Date Night’ essential. A bolder lipstick not only takes hardly any time to apply, it makes the rest of your makeup look so much more polished.

TIP: If, like me, you frequently wear a bold lip to work, stick to a tinted balm or sheer lipstick instead during the day. This will ensure when you apply a bolder lip that evening you will feel even more glam.

I LOVE: Too many!! Pictured above is Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Pink


What are your ‘Desk to Date Night’ Essentials?



Ashley x





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