Foundation is the ‘make or break’ step when it comes to perfecting your makeup game, it really is all about that base!! If you are wanting to create flawless foundation that looks like skin, and not like foundation, then have a read of these simple steps…




Choose a foundation that blends into your skin tone

Rule Number 1!  We all have made that mistake of trying to be a few shades darker than we actually are (thank you Facebook memories for reminding us daily). This not only looks unnatural, it leads to us using way more foundation than necessary having to match our neck to our face, and by midday, having to deal with the patchy base we have as our real skin tone starts to escape through. By sticking to your perfect match foundation, it will stay looking natural all day and will create a radiant looking base that looks like skin, even when it starts to wear off. Always remember, foundation is to even your base and not to give you colour, that is when your bronzing powder steps in!


But how do you find a perfect match? Pick a shade that you think will be best for you, along with one slightly lighter and slightly darker. Grab yourself a mirror and swatch the 3 shades in order from jawline to cheekbone (no back of hand swatching allowed!). The one that seems to disappear, is your perfect match! If in doubt, always go slightly warmer, as this is more flattering than going too light.





Apply from the centre of the face first

Through the centre of our face is where most of us need the majority of coverage. Around the nose and onto the cheeks is were we want to focus our application then as we blend out, our foundation should start to soften, allowing it to fade into our skin tone just as it hits the jawline. You should never feel like you have to take your makeup onto your neck, and if you do, you have probably realised why from rule number 1.



Switch up your moisturiser to match your foundation formula

As most of you that know me know, I am a huge skincare junkie, and one of the rules I swear by is matching my moisturiser to my foundation. You need to find a healthy balance between your moisturiser and foundation to get the most out of your base. My current foundation favourites are ‘Moisture Rich Foundation’ and ‘Stick Foundation’, both completely different formulas, meaning I need to prep my combination skin type in completely different ways. ‘Moisture Rich Foundation’ is a super moisturising formula, so I always opt for a water based, oil free, moisturiser to prep my skin. ’Stick Foundation’ isn’t so moisturising, so to create the glowing finish I like, I need to use a more nourishing, oil based moisturiser to prep. I hardly ever use a primer, and believe if you get the perfect balance between your moisturiser and makeup, you won’t need one.



Use your fingers to apply your foundation

First things first, I am not a makeup artist that believes you need a brush for everything as I personally use minimal brushes. I love tinted moisturiser which works wonders with your fingers, but when it comes to foundation, a brush is essential.

When we use our fingers to apply foundation, we are unable to distribute it evenly, removing in some places whilst applying it in others. Our fingertips also contain high levels of oil, disturbing the formula of the foundation upon application, not to mention the messy fingers we get afterwards.

A brush allows us to blend evenly, build a fuller coverage, and make it stay put for so much longer ( it also allows our foundation bottle to last a little longer by using less product).



Apply foundation to your under eye area

Our under eye area is usually the darkest area of the face, and the skin here is 50% thinner. This means we not only need to use a shade that is brighter than our foundation, but we also need to use a lighter texture.

I love to use a combination of under eye corrector and concealer. A corrector to neutralise discolouration followed by a concealer to brighten. This is something that can seem time consuming, but as soon as you have tried it and see the brightness it gives, you can’t go without it. An everyday makeup must have!


Forget to set with powder

Powder is something that I have had a love/hate relationship with over the years, and meet women everyday that have the same feeling (especially clients with a drier skin type). Don’t you lose your glow with powder? Doesn’t it make you look older? The answer is yes, if you use too much, but if you get your formula and application right, it is a game changer when wanting your foundation to stay put all day.


If you have a drier skin type look out for a lightweight, hydrating powder and apply a dusting of product to seal your foundation with a sheer powder brush.


If you are someone that goes shiny during the day, you will want to go for an oil controlling powder and use a larger powder brush giving a fuller coverage and creating a more matte finish.




I hope these tips help you towards creating that perfect base…



Ashley x











  1. Martha
    14th May 2017 / 12:09 pm

    How do you switch up your skincare routine and make up choice during summer, with all the humidity and sweat? And what do you do in summer mornings when you have to get ready for work and your face just melts?

  2. ashley
    14th May 2017 / 2:10 pm

    Hi Martha, opt for a lighter weight moisturiser than usual. If you are finding your makeup melting off quickly, you also need to go for a more matte finish foundation so it stays put for longer, dewy foundation tends to wear off a lot more quickly in the summer months xx

  3. 20th December 2017 / 11:06 am

    I always use my finger to apply foundation. And that is really very easy and comfortable.

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