Since sharing my news I’ve had so many fellow mamas to be asking about skincare during pregnancy.

Since becoming pregnant I’ve noticed such a focus on what you CAN’T eat, what products you CAN’T use, so I thought I would dedicate this post to all the products you CAN use and your pregnant skin will love you for.


My skin has become so much drier since being pregnant whilst also being more spot prone making Double Cleansing an essential step to my evening routine. I start with a Cleansing Oil/Balm to remove makeup whilst keeping the skin hydrated then move onto more of a cleansing gel or cream to ensure my skin is thoroughly cleansed. That second cleanse is key to ensure their is no residue left over from the Oil/Balm which can be the culprit for breakouts. If you are drier opt for a Balm then Cream combo, more combination opt for an Oil then Gel combo. Avoid Foaming Face Washes as they can be overly drying on your skin.




Due to my drier skin I am only using water on my face of an evening when I double cleanse. Of a morning I am preferring to use a lightweight hydrating Micellar water on a cotton pad to refresh my skin pre treatment products. Micellar I wouldn’t use alone to remove makeup but its great for a morning skin refresh.


During Pregnancy BHA Acids are to be avoided (Salicylic Acid being the most popular) as they work into the deeper levels of the skin. However AHA’s that work on the surface of the skin to loosen dead skin cells work wonders to support with that pregnancy glow. Lactic Acid in particular is a great AHA if your skin is feeling a little sensitive and you want a more gentle formula. If you are used to more active treatments like Retinol that you are not able to use now opt for Glycolic Acid. I use an acid toner 2 to 3 times a week to exfoliate dead skin cells and create a smoother more even skin texture.


The ultimate ingredient to add hydration. When looking for a Hyaluronic Acid product you ideally want it in a lightweight formula that is applied before your moisturiser. This allows your skin to fully absorb the Hyaluronic Acid and then your moisturiser will sit on the surface to lock in all the hydration. You will see in most my tutorials I always use the Dermal Quench spray for a burst of Hyaluronic Acid pre anything else.


During Pregnancy our skin is more prone to pigmentation so a good Vitamin C serum is key to keeping your skin healthy, even and radiant. Apply a couple of drops pre moisturiser of a morning to help even skin tone and give you that juicy glow.


At the moment I am avoiding foundation. I find its making my skin look even drier and gives a dull finish. Instead I’m opting for a nourishing face cream with a little creamy concealer blended over the top for coverage where I need it whilst keeping a glow. A richer face cream ensures a hydrated finish that should last you throughout the day. Keep your eye on a cream rich in Ceramides to help repair the skins moisture barrier for maximum comfort.


Within skincare routines our lips often get neglected! A buttery lip balm is the best to complete your skincare routine of an evening to ensure you are super hydrated the next day. I find sleeping in a lip balm makes lipstick application so much smoother so you don’t get that dry flaky finish.


is important 365 days a year but even more important when you are pregnant. Due to pregnancy hormones giving us more pigmentation and uneven skin tone an SPF is essential to ensure you keep your skin looking as clear, even, and healthy as possible.


A must for your bathroom cabinet to keep your hormonal breakouts under control. Opt for a Sulfur based treatment that can help dry out the blemish and clear out any bad bacteria. If you are avoiding Salicylic Acid be mindful that it can be in a lot of spot treatments and isn’t recommended for pregnancy. I personally still use my spot treatment with Salicylic Acid as I know its not the main ingredient and it is being used on a tiny area of my face. I wouldn’t use a Salicylic Acid Serum all over but a spot treatment I feel confident using.

Do you have any pregnancy skincare favourites? If so share below!


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