I was lucky enough to spend time with Kate Somerville whilst she was last in the UK and got the chance to pick her brains on 10 of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Retinol. 

Our interview was recorded but it is being used for internal use so I wanted to create a blog post to share her answers with you all! 

Hope you enjoy…

What does Retinol do?

It turns over skin cells improving collagen production, creating a smoother skin texture, helps with wrinkles and drooping and helps with the brightness of skin tone. 

Top Tip to remember when using Retinol…

The importance of exfoliation! Retinol turns over skin cells so you may see more dryness on your skin surface than usual. Be sure to use an Exfoliator (Exfolikate Intensive recommended) during the week to get rid of any dry skin and enhance the benefits of the Retinol. 

What percentage of Retinol shall I use? 

Don’t focus on percentage, focus on your skin type. For dry/sensitive/first time Retinol users go for a Retinol blended with Hyaluronic Acid that will hydrate whilst treating. If you are more combination or your skin is used to Retinol you also have the option of the serum Retinol which will work deeper into your skin. More is not best when it comes to Retinol.

Would you recommend Retinol for winter or year round? 

Retinol I do year round. However if I’m going on a tropical vacation and I will be getting a lot of sun I stop using a week or two before and then straight back into it when I get home to repair any sun damage. 

How often should I use Retinol? 

Twice a week in your twenties, three times a week in your thirties, four times a week in your forties and so on is best. However start twice a week and work your way up if you’ve never used before.  

Is Retinol beneficial for a blemish prone skin? 

I am a huge proponent of Retinol for blemishes. Retinol is one of the only proven ingredients that will dry out oil production. If you have a pimple, Retinol will not only dry out your pimple, it will clear any red/brown mark that’s left behind a lot quicker as it turns over your skin cells quicker. 

Can I use Retinol in conjunction with Acid Products? 

Yes, just not on the same night. 

Can you use your Retinol Serum and Moisturiser together?

I get this question a lot! The serum is stronger than the moisturiser. I use it as my powerhouse once a week to give my skin a boost. The moisturiser is my go to for most nights but I don’t use them together. I would recommend if you are sensitive or a first time Retinol user go for the Moisturiser… you are going to fall in love with this product! Less sensitive you can go for either or. Both have Vitamin C added to give your complexion more brightness. 

Retinol and Vitamin C together? 

The power couple for anti ageing is Retinol and Vitamin C! The problem with Vitamin C is it’s unstable. We have managed to design a formula that keeps the Vitamin C encapsulated and stable alongside the Retinol so they can live happily together. You want to use these 2 ingredients together. Vitamin C helps with brightness, elasticity and collagen production whilst Retinol speeds up cell turnover. You want them to work in synergy together to give the best results. 

Is SPF in makeup enough or do I have to use a cream SPF as well? 

In the UK and not in direct sunlight I would say as long as your makeup is over an SPF 35 and broad spectrum its fine to use alone. 

I hope you’ve found Kate’s answers useful! 

Ashley x



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